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Playlist for April 9, 2010 show -- Bay Area Songs

Here is a list of music played on the April 9, 2010 broadcast of VoiceBox:

Parrots / Alexis Harte / Sunlight Loping

Wake Me Up in San Francisco / Matt Langlois / YouTube footage

San Francisco / Maxime le Forestier / Maxime le Forestier: Essentielles

Oakland Song / The Goodtime Washboard Three / YouTuve footage

SF Anthem Remix / San Quinn Ft. Boo Banga and Big Rich / All City 41Feva

The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco / The Lucksmiths / The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco - EP

Fake Tales of San Francisco / Arctic Monkeys / Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Frisco Town / Memphis Minnie / YouTube footage

Frisco Ship / Holdstock and Murphy / San Francisco Shanties and Sea Songs of California's Gold Rush

Gold Rush Town / Kate Isenberg / Gold Rush Town

Albany Hill / Alexis Harte / Tumblin' Rock

Half Moon Bay / Pocket Shelley / Small Illuminations in a Darkening Sky

Grant Avenue - Flower Drum Song / The WBs Superstar USA / The New Broadway Cast Recording


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