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Programming: October 2010

Oct 1 Songs in the Keys of LIfe: On the art of accompanying singing at the piano
Pianists require tremendous skill and sensitivity in order to accompany vocalists effectively. VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman and pianist Richard Evans explore the little-discussed art of vocal music piano accompaniment.

Oct 8 Crowd Scenes: Opera choruses take center stage
The world’s finest opera chorus members are composed of brilliant vocalists who don’t get much credit for making an opera production really sing. Join the San Francisco Opera’s chorus director, Ian Robertson, and VoiceBox host, Chloe Veltman, for a discussion about what it takes to sing in an opera chorus.

Oct 15 Of Lyrics and the Lyre: On the inextricable link between guitar and voice (rerun – first aired on June 18)

Plucked string instruments and the human voice have shared a special relationship for thousands of years -- there’s a reason why the word “lyric” comes from “lyre,” after all. Guitarist Brian Gore and vocalist Scheherezade Stone join host Chloe Veltman in the studio for an exploration of the myriad ways in which these two ancient instruments work together to create perfect harmony.

Oct 22 & Oct 29: KALW presents a special two-part music documentary created by Alan Farley


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