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Playlist for December 10, 2010 -- Hogging the Mike: On the Joys of Karaoke

Here is a list of music played on the December 10, 2010 broadcast of VoiceBox:

Careless Whisper by George Michael / group live karaoke recording

Girls and Boys by Blur / Roger Niner (Keith Houston) live karaoke recording

What was I Thinking by Dierks Bentley / Bobo live karaoke recording

Faeries Wear Boots by Black Sabbath / Laura live karaoke recording

Paparazzi by Lady Gaga / Sabrina live karaoke recording

My Way / Frank Sinatra / Nothing But the Best: The Frank Sinatra Collection

Don't Stop Believin-Never Gonnna Give You Up karaoke instrumental "rickroll" / edited by Keith Houston

Deacon Blues by Steely Dan / karaoke instrumental

Le Donna e Mobile from Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi / karaoke instrumental / Karaoke Opera, Vol. 9 Puccini and Verdi for Tenor / Czech Symphony Orchestra and Julian Bigg


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