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Programming: Q2 2011

April 8 Stage Scribe: On Composing Songs for Musical Plays
The sign of a great musical play is humming a song you heard at the theatre three days previously. But how do composers write memorable stage numbers without resorting to tired techniques and clanking cliches? Join theatre composer Dave Malloy and VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman for a look at the nuts and bolts of writing a memorable show tune.

April 15 As Good as the Original: On Translating Operas into English
The art of opera translation is subtle yet crucial. Get it right, and the audience feels like they’re experiencing the work with as much richness as the original; get it wrong, and there’s no music to be heard. Mairi McLaughlin, Assistant Professor of French and Linguistics at UC Berkeley and Donald Pippin, director and founder of San Francisco’s Pocket Opera, join VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman for a discussion about what makes English translations of operas written in languages like Italian and French work – and what doesn’t.

April 22 Lorraine Forever: On the Peerless Voice of Lorraine Hunt Lieberson
The magnificent American mezzo soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, who had strong ties to the Bay Area, and died at a young age in 2006, is beloved by classical music industry insiders, but isn’t as well known to the broad public as she ought to be. Hard on the heels of the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra’s CD release of Hunt Lieberson’s interpretations of Handel arias and Les Nuits D’ete by Berlioz recorded in the 1990s, Philharmonia Baroque’s music director, Nicholas McGegan, joins VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman for a profile of this unforgettable vocalist.

April 29 Singing Fit: Songs to Workout to
(re-run – show first aired on Sep 24, 2010)

If it weren't for catchy songs, visiting the local gym might be even more of an ordeal than it already is. Feel the pounds fly off as VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman and fitness instructors Matthew Perkins and Timothy Clark chat about how singing while working out provides the perfect antidote to boredom on the treadmill.

May 6 Vocal Instrumentalists: On the Art of Combining Instrumental and Vocal Chamber Music
Composers are increasingly asking vocal groups to accompany themselves on a variety of instruments. David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Little Match Girl Passion is a case in point. What about the other way around? Join the members of The Real Vocal Ensemble, a string quartet that specializes in singing while playing, and VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman for an exploration of how to combine these two distinct skills to make beautiful music.

May 13 Prodigal Talent: On Forging a Career as a Promising Young Singer
(re-run – show first aired on Nov 5, 2010)

Everyone loves a child prodigy story. But the careers of young singers have to be carefully nurtured in order for their voices to survive in the long haul. The acclaimed lyric soprano Danielle de Niese joins VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman for a discussion about how young singers can launch successful careers…and maintain them without going the way of Julie Andrews of Britney Spears.

May 20 Songsmiths from Across the Border: The Bay Area Latino singer-songwriter scene

The Bay Area boasts performances by a wealth of brilliant singer-songwriters from central and southern America. Join Carlos Disdier and Nairem Morales, the forces behind La Bohemia Productions, a promotion and booking company for Latin vocal talent, and VoiceBox host, Chloe Veltman, for a look at the fizzing local Latino songsmith scene.

May 27 Women Singing Low: On female Tenors and Basses

Shakespeare praised women with low voices for good reason. Join the deep-souled songstress Melanie DeMore In recent decades and VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman for a celebration of some of the world’s most wonderful women vocalists who make the space below the alto line firmly their own.

June 10 State of the Choral Union: American Choruses Now and Tomorrow
Choral singing is a pursuit of millions of people in this country, though the art form gets little mainstream attention. Ann Meier Baker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chorus America, takes time out of the her busy Chorus America Conference schedule (the event is happening in San Francisco this year from June 8-11) to share her views about choral singing today and what the future holds for the choral arts with VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman.

June 24 Hawaii Song-O: On the Art of Hula Singing
In Hawaiian Hula, singing and dancing going hand in hand. Join Patrick Makuakane, director of Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, a hula a hula school and performance company based in San Francisco, and VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman, for a journey into this ancient artistic tradition.

July 1 School’s Out, Choir’s In: A High School Choral Teacher Discusses his Calling

High school choruses are the place where many kids get their musical education. And with TV shows like “Glee” whipping up enthusiasm for group singing among teens, high school choir is finally becoming hip. VoiceBox host Chloe Veltman chats with Steven Hankle, chorus teacher at San Francisco’s Mission High School, about the ins and outs of his job.


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