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Playlist for September 2, 2011 -- Siberian Express: The art of Tuvan throat singing

Here is a list of music played on the September 2, 2011 broadcast of VoiceBox:

Internationale - Huun Huur Tu

Kargyraa Moan from the Ghengis Blues Soundtrack - Paul Pena

Uleg Khem - Huun Huur Tu and Kronos Quartet

Children of the Otter - Huun Huur Tu and Vladimir Martynov

Dio Fa - Huun Huur Tu and Frank Zappa

Sygyt Yrym Salyp Berein - Alash

Setkilimden sergek yr-dyr: The Cheerful Song From My Soul - Tyvakyzy

Ancestors Call - Huun Huur Tu and Carmen Rizzo


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