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Playlist for December 16, 2011 -- Medieval Madonnas: Anonymous 4’s Susan Hellauer on chant

Here is a list of music played on the December 16, 2011 broadcast of VoiceBox:

Anonymous 4 - O Monialis Conscio by Anonymous / Secret Voices: Chant & Polyphony From The Las Huelgas Codex

Sequentia - Scene 1 (continued): O gravis labor by Bingen / Ordo Virtutum

Dialogos, Katarina Livljanić & Aurore Tillac - Auxilium, Domine by Wulfstan Wintoniensis / Abbo Abbas, Polyphonies de L'an Mil

Sequentia & Dialogos - Natus Ante Saecula (sequence By Notker of St. Gall) / Chant Wars

Soeur Marie Keyrouz & L'Ensemble de la Paix - Passion: Anal-'ummu-l-hazina / Maronite Chant: Christmas, Passion, Resurrection

Cappella Romana & Alexander Lingas - Communion for Mid-Pentecost / Music of Byzantium

Ensemble Organum & Marcel Pérès - "Alleluia", V. "Venite Exultemus", V. "Preoccupemus Faciem Eius" / Old Roman Chant

Anonymous 4 - An English Ladymass: III. Hymn: Ave maris stella / Four Centuries of Chant

Moines de Santo Domingo de Silos - Ave Maris Stella / Gregorian Chant: The Definitive Collection

Anonymous 4 - The Lily & The Lamb: II. Sequence: Stabat iuxta Christi crucem / Four Centuries of Chant

"A chantar m'er de so qu'eu no volria," by Comtessa de Dia.

Enigma - Gregorian Chant

the St. John Berchmans Parish Choir; Judith Trosen, organ - Kyrie from Mass of the Most Sacred Heart by Jacob Bancks

Chamber Choir, Cond. Valentin Nesterov - Kyrie from Messe de Nostre Dame by Machaut / Monteverdi, Machaut, Britten


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