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Playlist for January 6, 2011 -- Bay Area Bombshells

Here is a list of music played on the January 6, 2012 broadcast of VoiceBox:

"Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer" by The SHE's, vocalist: Hannah Valente / Then It Starts To Feel Like Summer

"Float and Fall" by Meklit Hadero / On a Day Like This

"Monkey Gone to Heaven" by the Pixies, performed by Conspiracy of Venus / UnderCover Presents The Pixies' Doolittle

"Opa Cupa Fly" by Brass Menazeri Brass Band,
vocalist: Bridget Boyle / Vranjski San

"Many Seasons" by Kacey Johansing / Many Seasons

"With You" by Dreams, vocalist: Emily Ritz

"Driving is Fun" by Dina Maccabee / Who Do You Suppose You Are?

"Stay" by Crystal Monee Hall / River Train

"Cadillac" by Con Brio, vocalist: Xandra Corpora / From The Hip

"Our Little Secret" by Megan Slankard / Token of the Wreckage

"Love For the Asking" by Kally Price

"Tore My Heart" Oona Garthwaite / Shhhhout!


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