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Playlist for July 27, 2012 -- Harmonic Landscapes

Here is a list of music played on the July 27, 2012 broadcast of VoiceBox:

The T-Sisters & Melody Walker - "How Can I Keep From Singing" - live at KALW

Svirka Women's Balkan Chorus - "Dve Nvesti"

The Melomans Barbershop Quartet - "Baby on Board"

Elora Festival Singers & Noel Edison - "Lux Aeterna: O Nata Lux" / Lauridsen: Choral Works

Eric Whitacre Singers - "Lux Aurumque" / Light & Gold

Clerestory - "New Morning Son" / Night Draws Near

Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir - "Great Day"

(Melody Walker Field recordings) - "Saraswati"

(Melody Walker Field recordings) - "Athu Litha"

T-Sisters- "Bring Us Back" / Bring Us Back

Akabella - "Bonicha Kuala / Malowolo" / The Beltane Sessions


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