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Playlist for July 20, 2012 - Bay Area Vocal Music Showcase

Here is a list of music played on the July 20, 2012 broadcast of VoiceBox:

"Sol's Summer Vacation" by Katy Stephan / Lacemaking

"I Did It" by Allison Lovejoy / Cabaret

"Cinnnamon Bone" by Eliza Rickman / O, you Sinners

"Seat on Eternity" by Stoo Odom featuring Ms. Momos / Dogmatique Filmscore

"How Many Days" by Con Brio / Single Release, 2012

"Lay Me Down" by The Disposition / Requiem for the Living

"We Are Young" by Scary Little Friends / Unreleased Home Recording

"Conspiracy of Venus Wildwood" by Accapella Women's Choir / Single Release 2012

"Ferguson's Theme" by Foxtails Brigade / Time Passed

"All Over the World" by Heather Marie Ellison / Lover's Cliche 

"Fpod bpod" by A Friend / The Girls

"Gnawa" from North Africa

"Latin and Afro Cuban Influence" Makru

"Balkan Traditional Song" Brass Menazeri

"Gnawa Jam" by Jef Stot featuring MC Rai / Arcana

"Opa Copa, Traditional" by Brass Menazeri / A Toast to Twenty Ought Six

"Ahi Atras" by Makru Musica / Live at Brick and Mortar


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