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Playlist for November 2, 2012 -- Singing All the Way to the Polls

Here is a list of music played on the November 2, 2012 broadcast of VoiceBox:

Let's Stay Together / Barack Obama 

America the Beautiful / Mitt Romney

God Save Great Washington

Tippecanoe and Tyler Too / Future Soundtrack for America / They Might Be Giants

Little Know Ye Who's Comin' / Trusty Sidekick

Lincoln and Liberty / Ronnie Gilbert

Battle Cry of Freedom / The 97th Regimental String Band

Happy Days Are Here Again 

High Hopes (JFK Version) / Frank Sinatra

I Like Ike / Irving Berlin 

Soul Man / Soul Man / Isaac Hayes and David Porter 

I Got a Crush... on Obama / Leah Kauffman, Ben Relles 

The Star Spangled Banner / Hilary Clinton 

Imagine There's No Pizza / Herman Caine 


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