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Playlist for April 26, 2013 -- With a Little Help From My Friends

Here is a list of music played on the April 26, 2013 broadcast of VoiceBox: 

Patients with Voice Problems / Krzyzstof Izdebsky

Patient of Krzyzstof Izdebski with a voice problem secondary to lung cancer (vocal cord paralysis) / Krzyzstof Izdebsky

Patient of Krzyzstof Izdebski: Marketer / Krzyzstof Izdebsky

Patient of Krzyzstof Izdebski: Lawyer / Krzyzstof Izdebsky

I'm a Caveman / The Cory Guy

Sigrid Onegin-O (Don Fatale) / Don Carlo (Verdi) / German Contralto from Manuel Garcia's School of Singing

Scene from the King's Speech

Theme from Weird Science / Oingo Boingo / Danny Elfman

Rolling in the Deep / 21 / Adele

Drill sergeants shouting


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