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Playlist for August 2, 2013 -- Wild Women of Song: The great female composers of the jazz era

Here is a list of music played on the August 2, 2013 broadcast of VoiceBox (Re-run: This program originally aired on March 11, 2011):

Peggy Lee - "I Don't Know Enough About You" (singer: Pamela Rose)

Peggy Lee - "Don't Smoke in Bed" (singer: Peggy Lee)

Peggy Lee - "It's a Good Day" (singer: Bing Crosby)

Alberta Hunter - "My Castle's Rockin'" (singer: Alberta Hunter)

Alberta Hunter - "Downhearted Blues" (singer: Bessie Smith)

Maria Grever - "Jurame" (singer: Andrea Bocelli)

Maria Grever - "Tipitipitin" (singer: Libertad Lamarque)

George Gershwin - "Do Do Do" from Oh Kay (singer: Gertrude Lawrence)

Kay Swift - "Fine and Dandy" (singer: Barbara Streisand)

Bernice Petkere - "Close Your Eyes" (singer: Queen Latifah)

Bernice Petkere - "Lullaby of the Leaves" (singer: Billy Eckstine)

Dana Suesse - "The Night is Young and You're So Beautiful" (singer: Vic Damone)

Dana Suesse - "My Silent Love" (singer: Pamela Rose)

Ids Cox - "Wild Women (Don't Have the Blues)" (singer: Pamela Rose)


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