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Playlist for October 18 -- Songsmiths from Across the Border: The Bay Area Latino singer-songwriter scene

Here is a list of music played on the October 18, 2013 broadcast of VoiceBox (Re-run: This program initially aired on October 28, 2011):

Diana Gameros - "Parapapa"

Trova Silvio Rodriguez -"Ojala" - Al final de este viaje Trova

Alejandro Chavez y Mamacoatl - "La Laguna del Ostion" - La Mission Bohemia

David Haro - "Gea"

Theresa Perez - "Sweetest I Love You" - Delicious: Rough Mixes

Marina Lavalle - "Esta Sabroso" - Sutil

Edgar Oceransky - "Llega cada noche"

Mauricio Diaz - "Me estoy Acosumbrando A Que Me Corten El Agua" - Cuerdas Para Cuerdos

David Aguilar - "Cineminuto" - Grabadora Portatil

Mijo de la Palma - "Puerto Rico A Cuatro Velas" - Mijo en directo

Fernandito Ferrer - ""Cantando en las ciudad" (live)

Manuel Garcia - "El Reproche"

Alex Ferreira - "El Blu del Ping Pong" - Dulud Dominucus

Lulacruza - "El Conocimiento" - Do Pretty

Kevin Johansen - "No Voy A Ser Yo" - City Zen


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