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Playlist for January 3, 2014 -- The Art of Screaming

Here is a list of music played on the January 3, 2014 broadcast of VoiceBox (Re-run: This show originally aired on January 4, 2013):

Given Up / Linkin Park

Ball and Chain Live in Germany / Janis Joplin

Shroud of Urine / EXODUS

Walk With Me In Hell / Lamb of God

My Apocalpyse / Arch enemy

Aesthetics of Hate / Machine Head 

Whole Lotta Rosie / AC-DC

Motorhead / Built for Speed

Locust / Machine Head 

Walk This Way / Toys in the Attic / Aerosmith 

Oulujoki / Mieskuoro Huutajat (Finnish Men's Shouting Choir)

Scream / Usher


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