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Playlist for March 14, 2014 -- Charlotte's Changes: From child soprano to indie rocker

Here is a list of music played on the March 14, 2014 broadcast of VoiceBox (Re-run: This show originally aired on September 6, 2013):

Charlotte Church - "Say It's True" - One and Two

Charlotte Church on the Big Big Talent Show

Charlotte Church - "Nerve" - Two

Charlotte Church - "The Rise" - Two

Charlotte Church - "Breach of the Peace" - Two

Charlotte Church - "Jerusalem" - Voice of an Angel

Charlotte Church and Billy Gilman - "Dream a Dream"

Renée Fleming, Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard & Christopher Wolstenholme - Endlessly (By Muse) - Single

Charlotte Church and Josh Groban - "The Prayer"

Charlotte Church - "Show Me A Little Faith" - Tissues and Issues

Jackie Evancho - "Dream with Me" - Ombra Mai Fu

Charlotte Church - "How Not to be Surprised When You're a Ghost" - Two


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